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Who Am I?

Violin & Alexander Technique Teacher

My life's passion is learning. My focus is music and conscious movement. I'm grateful for each and every student because they add so much insight to my own continuing growth process. 

I know the importance of individual guidance. I’ve taken everything that I have learned over the years and combined it into an approach that is both friendly and effective.

Alexander Technique

& Violin 

Making Every Lesson Count

Teaching violin to students of all ages in the Chicago area since 2003.

AmSAT Certified Alexander Technique Teacher (2017).  

Whatever your current level or prior experience,

I’m here to give you the patient guidance that your desire to learn deserves.


Learning Together 

I have extensive experience working with students of all ages. I especially enjoy working with adult beginners as they rediscover a child like joy of learning through their senses.

I thrive on seeing my students grow confidently,

as they develop and expand their innate abilities.

Sheet Music
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