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Lesson Rates

Alexander Technique 

$75 per hour 

AT rates are based on both interest and commitment level.

Base rate is $75 per hour.

Discounted rates are offered for a minimum of a month in advance commitment - bi-weekly, $65 per hour; and weekly $60 per hour.

Violin (or Music Theory)

$60 per hour.

Either 60 or 90 min lessons are available (90 min rate negotiable - email to inquire).

My framework of assignments is comprehensive. You will learn how to identify and prioritize both long & short term goals so that you will naturally approach violin without strain, gradually easing into your awareness each facet of this amazingly tricky instrument!

Alexander Technique & Music

$105 for a 2 hour session.

Highly recommended -

This 2 hour option begins with an hour long AT lesson, followed by an hour of violin (or music theory) instruction & shared practice.

This unique combination of experiences will increase your objective understanding of both yourself and music. 

Lesson Rates: Price List
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