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My teaching style focuses on skills training, through stimulating curiosity, imagination and critical thinking.  

Four string Violin

Violin Lessons

Every violin lesson I teach is designed to increase a student's natural abilities, with an emphasis on learning how to practice effectively to maximize the time invested. 

Assignments are modified to meet your specific goals and available practice time. I never "overload" a student. 

I believe strongly in laying a solid foundation rooted in a clear understanding of fundamentals.

Clarity creates freedom in movement.

Violin is simple when understood, but impossible if not...  

To learn how to learn violin, schedule a lesson today.

Alexander Technique Lessons

Alexander Technique lessons are a unique opportunity to enjoy individual attention & guidance to help you gain more awareness, objectivity and freedom in movement.

Each lesson involves learning and then re-enforcing AT principles (relatively simple concepts related to self/habit management), but the majority of the lesson time is devoted to discovering these concepts through your own experience. Over time, these assisted experiences then refine your understanding of the concepts. 

As children at play, movement was our first teacher.

As adults we tend to sacrifice the information within our experience on the altar of our assumptions,

but there is still so much to learn from our original teacher. 

Get in touch to find out more.

Pressure Points

Basic Piano & Theory Lessons

If you have no musical training, and you want to begin 

to learn the fundamental aspects of either piano and/or music

(e.g., music theory or just reading music) 

then I can help you get started.

This foundational knowledge & experience

may then lead to choosing another primary instrument - perhaps even your own voice.  

I'm here to provide guidance and answer questions -

just reach out to learn more.

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