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Violin Instructor,
Sherry-Brener Ltd. Chicago, IL

17 years

Violin Instructor at Sherry-Brener Ltd. Downtown Chicago, IL while also maintaining a full time position as Assistant Store Manager. Resulting experience in sales, inventory, orders, website/social media and customer service.

Alexander Technique Teacher 

August 2014 - June 2017

Completed my 3 year 1600 hour AmSAT certification at the ATTIC (Alexander Technique Training in Chicago). Chicago, IL

Trainer: Daria Okugawa

Served as assistant Teacher at the ATTIC (2017-18).

The Developing Self 
New York, NY

March 2019

Completed "The Developing Self" Education Training Course.

A postgraduate course for certified Alexander Technique Teachers to introduce AT at the primary and secondary level. Devised and taught by Sue Merry MSTAT and Judith Kleinman MSTAT AGSM.

"Amy and I have been colleagues at Sherry-Brener as violin instructors since I started teaching there in 2012.

I have discovered in Amy, the most dedicated, well read and patient violin teacher I have ever met so far.

She has accumulated a very deep knowledge of the instrument thanks to her detailed sense of observation

and endless curiosity to learn about other pedagogues' methods and point of views.

I am convinced that her Alexander Technique degree offers her students the opportunity

to approach the violin in a healthier way than with most "schools" or "methods".

Music is a philosophy and even more generally a lifestyle.

Amy has a real understanding of this and is for that reason a wonderful teacher,

and from my perspective one of the most invaluable colleagues to consult as often as possible."

Stephanie Pielok ~

Violinist and Teacher 

Chicago, IL 

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